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Ok another request for my friend. Fun stuff.

Title: Un-titled
Genre: historical slash - pwp
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Richelou/Louis XIII
Word count: 985
Summary: it's a PWP people, what summary do you need?

The birds chirping and warbling were not welcomed noises. Grumbling Louis rolled over and pulled some blankets over his head hoping to prolong his sleep if only for a few minutes.

"Up sire, today is a busy day." Instantly the covers were thrown back. Louis rolled over to glare at the intruder.

"It’s the day before Christmas Armand, am I not allowed even a few more minutes to sleep in?" He put on his best puppy-dog face. "Please? An early Christmas present?" Armand shook his head and pulled Louis out of bed by his shoulders.

"As I said moments ago today is a busy day, and no early Christmas presents, Je regret but that's the way it's going to be." This earned another glare.

"After everything I've done for you…" The King pouted as Armand dragged him into the bathroom.

"I should think it the other way around sire." Louis blushed and gave the cardinal a mock pout.

"As Royal Highness Louis XIII I decree that everyday before Christmas I should be allowed to sleep in at least an hour…maybe two."

"…Of course, bring it up with your mother over breakfast."

"…or maybe not." Louis tugged at Armand's robes, after a bit of fighting straps and buttons he managed to pull the remaining clothes off him. "That's better." He murmured as he leaned up and pulled the cardinal into a kiss. Armand moaned softly as he felt Louis's tongue slither into his mouth. He let the kiss deepen, feeling his lover's hands move steadily down his body.

"You should learn to voice your opinion a little better." Armand whispered as he pulled his King closer. A mischievous grin formed on Louis's lips.

"Voice my opinion, eh? Well, my opinion is that we should…bath…" He then dragged Armand over to the tub which had been already prepared. How early the damned Cardinal got up Louis tried not to think about.

The two toppled in less than gracefully. They were all elbows and knees as they managed to sort themselves out – with a tremendous amount of water loss.

"Well that's something we should work on." Armand whimpered as Louis's hands slid in between his legs. A grin spread across the younger man's face as the cardinal gasp and arched against him. The warm water was not helping matters either. Deciding to annoy the hell out of his lover Louis stopped his ministrations and opted to blow bubbles in Armand's direction.

"I hate you." Came the oh so loving reply to the rather childish action. Louis's reaction was to just grin and splash water in the cardinal's direction.

"Be quiet." Hissed Armand as he leaned over and pulled Louis against him, nuzzling his face against the soft brown curls.

"Why?" The king whined as he twisted around in Armand's arms and pressed his lips against his neck.

"Because we could killed for this, all it takes is – ah – one servent." He let out another gasp as Louis's hands stroked him. The other hand held his hips down while his lover's lips and tongue explored his pale body. He slowly worked his way across the body, eliciting soft moans and whimpers as he went. Louis then pulled back and gave Armand a smirk.

"I think we're safe, besides ma mere is loosing power, you said so yourself." He leaned forward and kissed Armand, pulling back a minute later. "Anyway let us not worry about that, it’s Christmas Eve, erm the day of Christmas Eve. And I have decided that you and I…should adjourn from the bath and meet back up in my room." Armand rolled his eyes.

"What ever you say my liege." Louis grinned and pulled Armand up from the tub and threw a towel at him. Minutes later the two staggered from the room and fell onto the bed. Silk and feathers puffed out from under them as Louis rolled on top on Armand and smothered his lips with his own. They stayed still for a moment, each feeling the other. Then Louis moved his mouth down Armand's body, nibbling and nipping as he went, dragging out strangled moans and cries. His hand groped the bedside table blindly, opening the first drawer it felt around and eventually pulled out a vial of oil. Capturing Armand's mouth he resisted the urge to writhe as the older man's hands roamed his body, exploring paths they knew so well.
Dipping a few fingers into the warm oil Louis slid them along Armand's thigh, grinning as the cardinal moaned and arched against him. Slipping one finger into him he heard a deep moan and quickly reoccupied his lover's mouth, wondering how he had lasted so long without it. He then slid another finger in then a third. Armand arched into him, moaning into their kiss.
After he was satisfied with the preparation he slid the fingers out.

"Lou – Lou – Louis, more, please." Armand gasped, pressing his hips upward in obvious invitation. Louis grinned and pushed himself in between Armand's legs. Pushing himself in slowly Louis butterflied kisses over Armand's lips and face, murmuring words of apology. Finally he was in. He then began to move in a slow rhythm, out then in, in deep. Armand moaned, throwing his head back. Louis stroked him in time with his thrusts. It was bitter yet sweet. They wanted it to go on forever and for a minute it seemed like it would then suddenly it came crashing down, the two moaning and panting against each other.
Armand pulled Louis against him, kissing him gently.

" Joyeux Noël Louis." He whispered as they broke away. Louis murmured something that might have been an agreement and buried himself against Armand. The two were soon asleep as the clock rang six times.

From the cracked door a face peered in at the sleeping men, it stared for a few seconds then turned and disappeared into the darkness.

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