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Title: Walking With Ghosts 
Fandom: Van Helsing
Characters: Dracula/Van
Word Count: 326
Rating: G
Author's Notes: A short drabble concerning Van and Dracula, most likely takes place after movie. Van is just musing about his past.

Walking With Ghosts

A loud creak welcomed him as he stepped into the run down building. As he walked through the vacant halls, he swore he could here the laughter of children, but it turned out to be the wind. The only true sound was that of his heels clicking softly on the tarnished floor.
Nothing had been touched in years, dust looked like small golden fairies as it danced in the waning sunlight.

Windows were now hollow, like young eyes that had seen too much.
He ran his hand over the molding wood paneling. It had once glowed with pride, shinning with care and use. A small sigh escaped his lips.
Such a pity that no one took care of the place.

He resumed his walking, making sure to avoid the weaker areas of the floor. Polished tile had once been there, now it was dead and crumbling. He walked on, taking care to store everything into his memory.

He soon arrived in a small room. The bed was still there; it's burgundy sheets made. Dust was thick, like a wool blanket as it carpeted the dresser, desk and other pieces of furniture. He crossed the room and opened the window, letting the dying light cast shadows around the room.

A sigh escaped a pair of pale lips. He whirled around to see a man standing in the doorway dressed in all black. They didn't say anything, just stared. Finally he turned and looked back out the window.

"Come home I see." He said, hearing no reply he turned, the man wasn't there. A wry smile crossed his lips. "I knew you would come back. When you are ready I am here..." He turned his heal and walked out of the room. "I'm here Vlad, I always will be." He twisted down the hallways the out of the castle.

"Some day Gabriel, some day." A voice said out of the darkness, disappearing before anyone knew it was there.

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