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1 Sentence

This is one entry for the One Sentence challenge.

Title: None
Rating: R I think... PG-13 possibly
Pairing: Thomas More/Thomas Cromwell...go enlightenment slash

#01 - Hood
When he grew up his father told him to be a lawyer, a good honest lawyer but now that he's there he's not sure he wants to be one.

#02 – Buzz

The parliament never gets anything done, all they do is talk and More is starting to wonder why he's even there.

#03 – Wish

When he was young his mother used to bring him to the wharf and he would watch the sailors and laugh.

#04 – Seasons

They said he was a man that stuck to his beliefs and that nothing would sway him but now he was not to sure.

#05 – Threat

He was new and as far as he was concerned an inexperienced dolt, but then why was everyone so worried?

#06 – Portrait

They say a mirror is all a man has to see himself with but that's not true because I see myself in you Cromwell and oh how I am terrified.

#07 – Loud

I am all alone and all I hear is my heart beat, thump thump, thump thump, thump thump and thankfully it drowns out my sobs.

#08 – Energy

"We do not have the right to go against God yet at the same time we have, WE HAVE, the duty to the people and the duty to protect them," there were times when he wished that the tea was stronger.

#9 – Purge

I sit here alone in the tower and wonder what would have happened had I not stayed silent, had I spoken out.

#10 – Mouse

It's horribly dirty in here, I would give all my life savings for one clean patch of ground and some fresh air.

#11 – Attic

He remembered his early lessons about the Greeks and their elegant prose marked by purity and simplicity.

#12 – Second-rate

He strove to outdo the little bastard and always did, well almost, but in the end Cromwell had won and he had lost.

#13 – Dash

It was quick and simple, a little note to his Majesty explaining his plight.

#14 – Attitude

He liked the North, they were Catholic but the south…no the south was trying this new religion and it was all wrong.

#15 – Wisdom

Some things come with school but some things, he learned the hard way, come with age.

#16 – Sight

I have watched him age he is no longer the jubilant youth that I remember but now he is older and not a pretty boy and it hurts him.

#17 – Address

I beseeched him to listen to me but, alas, he turned his head and waved me away.

#18 – Minute

They say that a man lives for ten seconds after his head has been chopped off…I could think of worse

#19 – Cotton

I hate the silk covers he uses, it reeks of pompous ass-ness, but, then again, that's why I am with him.

#20 – Claw

I am to loose my head and am thankful for it because as I sit here I can see all the devices they use on people less fortunate than I.

#21 – Limit

I heard that people thought that I would give away anything, they're wrong, there is always one thing that I hold dear and cannot allow to leave my grasp.

#22 – Unique

So here I am to die an ignominious death and I know that I will never be remembered.

#23 – Gravity

When I was young I wanted to fly and I tried to, oh how I tried…but I broke my arm in the process.

#24 – Yesterday

Today he sits in the tower, yesterday he sat in Cromwell's bed…is there a difference?

#25 – Jungle

In his dreams he ran and ran but he could never find his way out.

#26 – Garden

His wife loved flowers, she always planted new ones, and it was a wonderful site on a summer day.

#27 – Question

When he joined parliament there was one thing they had to be sure of, his loyalty.

#28 – Text

Details, details, detail, that is what makes up my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

#29 – Plastic

He found that young minds are like clay, one can shape them to do ones will.

#30 – Block

There were two words that were feared in England – chopping block

#31 – Escort

They were pissing drunk and More came up with the idea of staying at Cromwell's.

#32 – Insult

Cromwell said nothing to him, no snide remarks nothing at that was what hurt the most.

#33 – Blood

If everyone's heart beat the same and their blood ran red, then why were people treated differently?

#34 – Gold

He knew that Rich would sell him out, that man would sell his own mother out.

#35 – Spot

His shirt was pure white except for a little mark of red, were his wine had spilled.

#36 – Melt

When he first saw Cromwell he hated him, the second time he loved him.

#37 – Guilt

Why was he in the tower, he had done nothing wrong…

#38 – Duel

When they had sex it was more like a miniature fight than love making.

#39 – Stranger

The man told me that Norfolk would back me to the end, who the hell was that guy?

#40 – Wait

Three weeks, two days, five hours, fourteen minutes…

#41 – Glow

He could tell that his wife knew but she never said anything.

#42 – Action

What the king was doing was wrong, but how to stop him…

#43 – Chain

The first man to talk to was Erasmus and if he couldn't help then Norfolk…

#44 – Bitter

He bit his tongue as he waited for the verdict, it was the first time he tasted blood.

#45 – Lock

In bed it was all arms, legs, knees and elbows.

#46 – Order

I have found that Norfolk is always proper and that he likes to do things by the book, not that that helps me.

#47 – Friends

We started out as enemies then friends, when it slid over to lovers I'm not entirely sure.

#48 – Prison

I want him but I know that I can't have him because it's wrong, so very wrong.

#49 – Journal

Before they came I made sure everything was burned, absolutely everything.

#50 – Zero

In my mind there was a count down, 10 the words are read, 9 the ax is partially raised, 8 all the way up, 7 half way down, 6 all the way down, 5 partway through my neck, 4 all the way through, 3 I see nothing, 2 I hear nothing, 1 I am leaving, 0…

I haven't updated this thing in ages...current works:

Original story called "Road to Paris"
A Louis/Rhichelieu story...part of it is on my friends calculator though
Van/Dracula - takes place back in 1400's and what not
Another Original story with no title about Napoléon because I'm a dork
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